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Meet Sachet

Official Greeter at Aurora Chiropractic Health Center

I’m a golden retriever person. I have had 3 lovely goldens in my adult life, but I have been without a golden for 2 years. For almost 2 years I’d been on a puppy waiting list with a breeder whose lines are similar to those of my prior 2 dogs, but for some reason, there just never seemed to be a puppy for me.

I’d forgotten that my friend Henry mentioned he was doing a very special breeding the winter of 2018-19. It must have slipped my mind because I was not truly focused on getting a puppy that prior fall. I was going through my emails one day last April, and saw a facebook type email from my original breeder, with a subject line that read, “This sparkler is looking for …” That got my attention immediately. The full subject line, when I opened it, read, “This sparkler is looking for a competition home.” A competition home is a normal pet home, but you also do various AKC (American Kennel Club) activities with your dog, such as obedience, agility, tracking, hunt and field, to name a few.

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I’m considered a competition home, because when I got my last 2 goldens, Shelby and Trevor, the breeders got me interested in AKC activities, and I got involved in obedience, agility and tracking with them both, and I had planned on following through with that with whatever new puppy I got. It’s really fun, for both the dog and the handler. I’m projecting Sachet will be great at all 3 AKC dog sports.

Sachet has a few little conformation flaws, but since I’m not interested in showing in the breed ring, that doesn’t matter at all.

I knew the puppy was from the litter that my friend Henry had mentioned last fall, (Henry and I have both gotten puppies from the same above mentioned breeder) and the puppy pic on the email was so cute, I knew immediately that I really wanted this puppy.

In opening the post, I was dismayed to see that it had already been posted for 8 days, and had generated 99 replies thus far. I thought to myself, “There is no way this puppy is still available.” But I immediately emailed Henry to ask, and amazingly, she still was. Most all of the replies to the post were in the nature of, “What a gorgeous, outstanding little puppy. I’m tempted, but I already have 4 goldens, etc., etc.”

Not only that, but when Henry emailed me back, he told me that he had been about 5 minutes away from emailing a pet home family on the waiting list that, since he had not been successful in placing her in a competition home, she was theirs. I was immediately deliriously happy, and couldn’t wait to get her. It seemed that she just fell into my lap, that this was meant to be. I was helping out at a tracking event that weekend, and Henry and I agreed that we would meet at the event, and I could get my new puppy then.

Sachet is full of energy. She’s spirited and has been rather naughty and precocious throughout her puppyhood (kind of like Alvin the chipmunk), and she’s kept me on my toes. She’s a terrible counter surfer, with the compulsion to chew and tear up everything in sight, but I see this as part of her growing up, her playful, adventurous, (mischievous) and fun-loving personality coming out. As she has grown and matured over her first year, I have watched a lovely heart of gold develop within her little chest. She’s very affectionate, loves being with people, and she’s just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. And……….she takes her duties as greeter very seriously. I have little bells hanging from my front doorknob, and whenever she hears them ring, she runs to the door to greet the next patient.

Sachet was born on February 12th of last year, and is currently 16 months old. The tradition with golden breeders is that every litter has a theme, and the whelping date was so close to Valentine’s Day, Sachet’s litter was designated the “Valentines, Hearts and Love litter”, by Henry and his wife Jan.

The tradition is also that the dog’s registered name should go along with the litter theme, and I didn’t have to think very long before I came up with a lovely registered name for her. Back about 40-50 years ago, Avon had a fragrance that both my Mother and I really liked, that we both wore frequently. The bottle was an old-fashioned heart shape, and the fragrance was named, “Here’s my Heart”. So Sachet’s registered name is “Here’s my Heart”.

Her call name, Sachet, comes from the old-fashioned scented satin sachet pillow (often heart shaped) that ladies would put in their underwear drawers back in years past. Sachet is truly a lovely dog, and I am so happy to have her.

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